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Bazaar Committee

Our largest fundraiser of the year is led by this dedicated committee. Meetings are held as needed leading up to the annual BIG TENT BAZAAR in July. All are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this major endeavor!

Bereavement Committee.jpg

Bereavement Committee

-Send cards to those whose loved ones have passed away

-Organize the annual Mass of Remembrance 

For more information, contact Ann Williams at 570-829-4598.

Cemetary Comittee.jpg

Cemetery Committee

Oversee the finances and maintance of Exaltation of the Holy Cross Cemetery located in West Nanticoke.  


Finance Council

Pictured L-R: Georgette Siedlecki and John Basar

Missing from photo: Al Bagusky, Pete Klemash, and Donna Sokola

The members of this council are appointed by the Pastor. They review and make recommendations to the Pastor about the yearly finances and budget for our parish. 

Liturgy Committee.jpg

Liturgy Committee

-Coordinate liturgies throughout the year

-Oversee the training and recruiting of liturgical ministers (altar servers, adult funeral servers, cantors, environmental/decorating, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, music ministry, and ushers)

Pastoral Council.jpg

Pastoral Council

Pictured first row L-R: Joan Cunard, Dominick Costantino Jr., and Diane Fitzgibbon.                       Second row L-R: Frank Phillips, Barry Kaminski, Ann Williams, and Frank Sokola. 

Missing from photo: Susan Pointek

The members of this council are appointed by the Pastor. They work on goals and visioning for the future and focus on the areas of WORD, WORSHIP, COMMUNITY, and SERVICE. 

Prayer Group.jpg

Prayer Group

A dedicated group of individuals pray daily for the intentions of those on the prayer list. To add someone to the list and/or to join the Prayer Group, please contact Diane Bogarowski at 570-823-6242.